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Accelerator Program with Inducement Prizes for Promoting Innovation in Industry 4.0

The purpose of the collaboration between the Technion Knowledge Center for Innovation and i4Valley is to address the pressing challenges of the Israeli economy as it transitions to advanced production – Industry 4.0. – by connecting, utilizing, and guiding researchers and students at the Technion.

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Personal and professional guidance in developing and promoting your idea up to implementation stage.

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Participation in a five-session acceleration program that includes a certificate of completion from the Technion and i4Valley.

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Cash prizes totaling 21,000 NIS to the first 3 places.

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Exposing researchers and students at the Technion to i4Valley.

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Exposing researchers and students at the Technion to challenges in the Industry 4.0 field.

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Developing ideas and initiatives for promoting Industry 4.0 in the Israeli economy.

 - The program includes four main stage

  1. Call for proposals related to Industry 4.0.

  2. Selecting the ideas that will take part in the acceleration program.

  3. Acceleration program for developing ideas up to MVP stage and their presentation.

  4. Presenting the ideas on entrepreneurship day and choosing winning idea.


Example Challenges

Reducing the number of errors for first product in Low volume – High mix industry using prediction models.

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Optimizing a supply chain for a factory with a fixed capacity and a highly volatile business environment.

Tools for measuring effectiveness of a supply chain.

Using Swarm Robotics to maximize factory efficiency.

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New materials that change traditional processes.

Creating IoT sensors based on biological mechanisms.

Reducing development time for new materials using ML.

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Drone Camera



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Initiative submissions for consideration.

Submissions deadline.

Selection of leading ideas for acceleration program

 Acceleration program, 1st session - Frontal meeting

Acceleration program, 2ed session, Identification of the idea – Online Zoom meeting

 Acceleration program, 3ed session, Market research – Online Zoom meeting

Acceleration program, 4th session, Building a Business model – Frontal workshop

Acceleration program, 5th session, Storytelling – Online Zoom meeting

Ideas competition at Technion entrepreneurs-day

All program sessions will be held from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Colleagues at Work


Experts in the field from academia and industry will mentor the participants in promoting the site.


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The Knowledge Center for Innovation was established by Prof. Miriam Erez, Israel Prize Recipient, with the goal of promoting innovation in the Israeli economy by developing, applying, and distributing research knowledge among researchers, students, and managers. The Center conducts academic research on innovation at individual, team, organization, and national levels along with intervention studies for promoting innovation in organizations based on the "Journey of the Idea" model developed by Prof. Erez.  


We view the innovation process as a journey – the “Journey of the Idea”, which is a multi-phase, non-linear process with structured milestones. The journey begins with identifying a problem and defining the needs, offering solutions, selecting the idea for implementation, promoting it within the organization up to actual implementation and the final product reaching the end user. This model serves as a practical guide for a variety of activities that the Innovation Center initiates and leads that incorporate exposure to knowledge, training, and implementation of projects for promoting innovation in industry.

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i4Valley is not just another technological incubator: it is the first and only investment center for i4.0 in Israel.  Together with our partners, we invest funds and resources in entrepreneurs in the pre-Seed and Seed phases, who are developing technologies that revolutionize processes, products, and productivity in the manufacturing industry. Entrepreneurs accepted to i4Valley receive a financial investment of 1 million NIS during their first year, comprehensive service package, membership in a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem, and partnership in a vibrant innovation community with connections and opportunities.

Special Effects



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Third Prize 3,000 NIS


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First Prize 12,000 NIS


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Second Prize 6,000 NIS

Winners will receive mentorship from i4Valley



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