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Got What It Takes

To Lead a Revolution?

i4Valley - Revolutionizing the manufacturing industry 

We Are i4Valley

The first and only incubator for revolutionists who live and breathe i4.0.

A place where big dreamers and creative game changers reinvent the wheel every single day. A place where great ideas and revolutions are born.

The enormous potential of Industry 4.0

Local and Global VC’s understand that investing in Innovation 4.0 will dramatically change the face of the economy, the environment and society as a whole. Now, more than ever, the Israeli ecosystem is ready and eager for opportunities and connections between rising startups and the manufacturing industry.

That’s why we founded i4Valley

i4Valley is at the heart of Israel’s Startup Nation ecosystem that was among the first to hop on board, with a relentless appetite for more revolutionary ideas that are going to change the world.

Our Team

Sivan Yechieli

Sivan Yechieli


Zvika Weinstock

Zvika Weinstock


Our Partners

An Indian proverb says: "If you want to get fast, go alone; if you want to get far, go together." Together with our great partners we’re creating an innovative, diverse, resilient and revolutionary outlook on Innovation 4.0 that is transforming the way we live, work and feel.

i4Valley Dream-Team members receive:

3 Million NIS to boost their venture

1.5 Million NIS for commercializing knowledge from research institutes

Senior team from the hi-tech industry, specializing in Industry 4.0 with decades of professional business experience and international management

Connection to advanced industrial companies to promote pilots and collaborations

Connection to advanced industrial companies to promote pilots and collaborations

A cool, trendy and fun workspace

A generous logistical, administrative and financial service package

A vibrant ecosystem and eventful community

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